Nate Weeks, Editor

Advertising with Middle Georgia Times offers a unique opportunity to reach a dedicated and engaged audience in the heart of Georgia. Our news organization is committed to delivering positive, community-focused news highlighting Middle Georgia's best. 

Unlike many other news outlets, we prioritize uplifting stories that celebrate local achievements, community events, and the incredible people who call Middle Georgia home. 

At Middle Georgia Times, our goal is to be a helpful resource for families in the region. We provide comprehensive coverage on a wide range of topics that matter most to local families, from education and healthcare to recreational activities and family-friendly events. By advertising with us, you can align your brand with content that Middle Georgia families trust and value. Our readers look to us not just for news, but for practical information and advice that can enhance their daily lives. This strong connection with our audience means your advertising will be seen in a context that resonates with their interests and needs.

Our commitment to integrity, quality journalism, and community service has built a loyal readership. Advertising with Middle Georgia Times means tapping into a network of engaged readers who are actively involved in their communities and eager to support local businesses. 

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your business, or promote a special offer, our advertising solutions are designed to deliver results. Join us in our mission to make Middle Georgia a better place, and let us help your business grow in the process.

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