OPINION: A Change is Gonna Come


Graphic by N3WCreations

Macon is in a state of emergency and it has been that way for a while. They say doing the same things and expecting different results is insanity. So the question I ask is are we insane?

I say that because the same things are happening and we are waiting on the same results. It's time for us to be the change and make the change. In order to make the change we have to see the whole problem.

Like a doctor treating their patient we have to approach the community the same way. The majority of these homicides took place in poverty stricken areas so it's safe to say poverty is a part of the problem. Since poverty just doesn't happen we need to look at the reasons behind poverty.

Lack of education is one reason people suffer from poverty. With a lack of education the unemployment rate will stay high. With high employment rates the community stagnates.

Stagnation within the community makes us miss opportunities for the community. Lack of opportunities in the community brings property values down, and then people move out and your community becomes the “hood”.

This is the current state we are in. We are upholding a “hood” instead of a city, metropolitan, Macon. The citizens of Macon make the city so I ask what does the city want?

That question can't be answered without community participation. Each individual that resides in Macon needs to get involved to answer that question, because from the looks of it we have adapted to living in the “hood”.

We’ve adapted to the killings, adapted to the robberies, and adapted to a dog eat dog world. I ask what will it take to change that? What will it take for us to get rid of the “hood” and bring back a healthy community?

You see children play on the streets of a healthy community. The elderly feel safe in a community. Businesses can thrive in a healthy community . You want to raise a family in a healthy community. We have to bring that mentality back to Macon as a healthy community.

What is Macon known for? When you think of the Pleasant Hill, Bloomfield, and East Macon neighborhoods, what do you think about? Does the negative outweigh the positive and, if it does, how can we get mad about outsiders perceptions?

Our education system plays a major part in our lifestyles and I cannot point the finger only at the local school system. Instead i must point the finger at the role the community has to play in educating as well.

We also have to think about those who are not educated. Who is looking out for the the men and women that can't find a job in their community.

It is sad to say but these are the ones who the majority of times are committing crimes and who make up the population of the prison system.

As a high school drop out and having been a part of the prison system, I am a witness to that. These people are our community’s responsibility. If not we will continue to partake in whats been going on.

We the community, pastors, business owners, whether Latin, Asian, White, or Black, we have to be a refuge to those in need. We have to pool our resources and help those who lack. This is how a real healthy community operates.

We have to see that each neighborhood doesn't lack and if it does lack we need to fill that void, collectively. With Macon having so many houses of worship there shouldn't be an issue for them to come together for a greater cause.

There's no reason businesses can't come together for a greater cause. Macon is already fortunate to have a Black Pages. Macon has hundreds of non profit organizations there's no reason they can't come together for a greater cause.

We must and have to hold each other accountable, from the bottom to the top. And the bottom has to be connected with the top. There can't be a disconnect. We all have to realize we are one, and if one falls we will all fall.

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