Daylight Saving Time Strikes Again


This hour hand on this clock in Downtown Macon needed to be moved forward this weekend (Photographer Nate Weeks)

Daylight Saving Time was the reason behind the time change one hour forward this Sunday and some people waking up feeling more tired than usual.

Daylight Saving Time currently starts the second week of March and ends the first weekend of November. Except for Hawaii and most of Arizona and a few other areas, the U.S. uses Daylight Saving Time.

The NIH recently noted that early risers can adjust to gaining an hour of daylight and losing an hour of sleep usually in a few days. 

Those who like to stay up late though may experience something like jet lag about one week after the change.


This National Geographic YouTube video explains more about Daylight Saving Time

Because of these reasons and others, not everyone is a fan of Daylight Saving Time. There is a chance that Daylight Saving Time might even be made permanent later this year.

A recent bill sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio would make Daylight Saving Time permanent and eliminate the time change this November. That would mean that time would no longer change by one hour twice a year (and accidents and heart attacks caused by sleep deprivation would also hopefully be decreased).

So what side of the Daylight Saving Time divide are you on? Let us know in the comments!

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