Middle Georgia Times is Delighted to Introduce Carl Myers


Carl Myers is Middle Georgia Times first contributor (Photo courtesy of Carl Myers)

Collaboration is one way we can help improve our communities. It is with this belief that we proudly announce that our first contributor will be Carl Myers.

Carl Myers is already an asset to the middle Georgia community. Myers is a community activist who has worked hard to help uplift the community. He has organized events like "Stop the Violence" rallies, movie nights for youth, and more. Myers was also the publisher of the well received Equality Newsletter.

Myers uses his own difficult life experiences to help others. He spent his youth dealing with the many complications of poverty. Myers fell in with the wrong crowd and made some big mistakes at the young age of 18. He ended up paying a huge price for those mistakes by having to serve 12 years in prison.

Myers difficult early life allows him to relate to those who face intense challenges in life. By using some of the same methods he learned during his time in prison, he seeks to help better his community.

"People don't care about what they don't know. Knowledge brings wisdom. This is then shown in our actions and understanding," Myers says. He sees a great need for unity in the community and believes that comes from education. 

Knowledge brings forth positive change and Myers believes his own past proves that. 

"A major part of my reformation was culture," Myers says. He now seeks to help elevate the culture in Macon and middle Georgia communities. 

Culture is the collective arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement. Each community has their own customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements. Myers wants to put a focus on the achievements of the community to bring about change.

"The achievements of the Macon community often aren't acknowledged. This has a negative effect on the culture," says Myers.

Middle Georgia Times and Carl Myers are seeking to be forces for good. We are looking forward to producing positive, entertaining, and educational resources for all of our readers in the middle Georgia community. 

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