Petamorphosis in Macon Offers Unique and Environmentally Conscious Way to Cremate Your Pets


Many pet owners want the best for their furry friends even after they have passed (Image by Brian Cragun from Pixabay)

Earlier this year Petmorphosis in Macon began to offer a kind of cremation for pets that is cleaner, less expensive, and less polluting. 

Petamorphosis is currently the only business in Middle Georgia that offers water cremation for pets and the process is done right in their office. 

Water cremation, also called aquamation, is a type of cremation that uses lye and heat to dispose of a body. Water cremation is not new though. In 1888 inventor Amost Herbert Hobson patented the process in the United State.

While losing a pet and dealing with its remains is always a difficult thing for loving pet owners, water cremation is a more gentle and environmentally conscious process than fire cremation and even burial, which can cause bacterial contamination in the soil. 

A normal fire cremation of a human in the United States is estimated to use about 28 gallons of fuel and release about 540 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

While Petamorphosis only offers water cremation for pets, Georgia is one of 21 states where water cremation for humans is legal. 

The famous South African Anglican bishop, human rights activist, and theologian Desmond Tutu, who was also concerned about the environment, brought the practice to the attention of the general public when it was reported he wanted to have water cremation, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Petamorphosis offers to pick up pets from their homes, veterinarian's office, or emergency clinic or the pets can be brought directly to Petamorphosis's office. 

After the cremation process, Petamorphosis's clients have the option to receive ashes just like they would in a flame cremation but there is usually more ash left because there is no carbon burn-off. 

Petamorphosis also allows its clients the option to witness their pets being placed in the aquamation chamber so that they can be sure that they are getting their pet’s ashes with no other ashes mixed in. 

Petamorphosis services start as low as $30 and are based on the weight of the pet and whether the pet owner wants the ashes back or not. Their office is located at 3312 Northside Drive, Suite C-160 in Macon and they can be reached at (478) 714-3550.

Petamorphosis is having a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, November 28th starting at 2 with an open house afterward where visitors can learn more about aquamation and its benefits until 5 p.m.

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